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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  July 10, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. another day of searching and still, no sign of seven missing fisherman from northern california. rescuers believe the men could still be alive. fire burning out of control in the sierra nevada. thousand got started and when it's expected to be contained. getting you to move over, how you will be reminded to be steer clear of the workers, the fineses you face if you don't. it is been one week since the fishing boat sank off the coast of mexico. still no sign of the fisherman from northern california who are still missing. it was another day of searching, wendy on the latest search plans and how the 19 secure various describe their experience. >> reporter:u.s. coast guard rescue team
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searched another 990 square miles. no sign of them. the coast guard says it is possible they are still alive, even after seven days. >> the coast guard and the mexican navy are pursuing this case as a rescue mission effort. we're still hopeful to define the seven missing fisherman. >> reporter:27 passengers were tossed into the sea after their fishing boat was capsized. >> i was in the water for 16 hours. >> reporter:many survivors clung to ice chests as they tried to reach land miles away. >> all i saw were huge waves. i was alone in the water between nine and ten hours. >> reporter:they have searched 4600 square miles of ocean and land. it's possible they could drift for miles. some could be on a remote island. >> many of these islands are
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uninhabited. they're basically giant rocks out in the middle of the ocean. >> reporter:a dive team is is being brought in. its reported divers could search as early as tomorrow to see if the bodies are inside. mexican investigators found the boat in about 223 feet of water. now the coast guard says they are scheduled to help the mexican navy search through tuesday. but they will stay longer if they're asked. its been seven days, the coast guard says it is still possible for people to survive this long, it all depends on how fit they are and their will to live is also a factor. pam. >> thank you very much. well work an a portion of a new terminal project is on hold tonight after a serious accident at the site. a construction worker got severe burns when he came in
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contact with a live wire. >> we believe that we will get to the bottom of what happened yesterday. we won't continue working that particular site. there is lots of work to be done. >> the man suffered second degree burns on his arm and face. his protective gear protected him to be worse. lines could be causing issues in the gold country. officials are looking at high voltage lines as the possible cause of a wild fire. 200 firefighters are battling a 340-acre blaze. no homes are buildings or threat been they hope to contain the blaze by tomorrow morning. driver is facing dui charges after crashing his car into a fire engine. it happened after midnight at high glen drive and may berry road. police say, the man in his 20s
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was speeding when he slammed into the engine as it was leaving a house fire. most the car enfire truck were damaged 37 the new eastern span may not open until 2013, one construction partner is already wrapping up its work. chinese heavy maker responsible for making the new bridge says its now putting the final touches on the bridge. california outsource production to the company save $400 million on labor and materials. it's not clear when those parts will be shipped to the bay area. statewide campaign kicks off to make drivers aware of a rule often ignored. the moveover rule. they are required to slow down and move out of the lane adjacent to work. police and fire vehicles,ambulances and tow trucks. you will see ads on tv and messages on billboards.
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the death of three workers in less than two months. violators can face fines topping $200. he's a four-time superbowl champion and local hero, but can joe montana score an exclusive deal with a deal over the new stadium project? why this pass may be incomplete. >> reporter:it's an empty lot with big plans, the proposed stadium in santa clara, it's supposed to break ground next year costing hundreds of millions of dollars and while the funding isn't secured, plans are being made for the land across the street. plans welcome as big as the man behind him. joe montana, he wants to build a complex including hotel, sports bar and restaurant. >> the proposal looks good and it's going to be up to the counsel to decide how we negotiate. >> reporter:he wasn't available to speak with us today, he was expected at the meeting on tuesday to ask that the city
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negotiate only with his group for the next year and a half. >> in the normal course of things, the city would put out a request for proposals with and entertain whatever comes back to us. >> reporter:now the counsel is considering swerving that norm. >> he's joe montana, pretty much. >> reporter:it's not a bad idea. >> joe montana can probably just by name bring jobs and revenue to the bay area. >> i think he certainly should have first shot. he's done a lot for the community. i think he has class and style and he'll bring in a lot of other players. >> reporter:but the city manager says not so fast in the a report to the counsel, a competitive developer would ensure the city realizes the highest and best value for its long-term ground leases. there are a lot of people that agree with her. >> just because he's a great football player, and a great 49ers player, that doesn't mean he has the podium. >> i'm sure he's a fine
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businessman, but this is free market, right? >> reporter:either way you're not going to see construction on this property until at least 2015, in the meantime it's going to be used a as a staging area for the instruction materials for the project across the street. cbs5. there's a project in one east bay city. danny al fresco is poised to make a big comeback in berkeley on tuesday the city is expected to relax schools that will allow restaurants to add tables chairs and benches on sidewalks. the cost of a permit could be as little as $350 and be issued in just weeks. officials hope the extra tables will lead to higher revenue for businesses and sales tax. san francisco streamlined his permitting process for outdoor dining for restaurants on any unused public space. done for the night? little progress, no deal
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between president obama and congressional leaders on raising the debt ceiling. it could mean for the world economy if the u.s. is allowed to default on its loans. one last time, space shuttle atlantis docks at the space station. the problem that could put the crew in danger. e-mails, does cycle creativity? what happens when one company put the stop on all those distractions cooler than average high temperatures. i've got your forecast coming right up. betty ford. she
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at age 93. we're learning details about services this week for betty ford. she died friday at age 93. funeral services held in palm desert. others on wednesday and thursday in grand rapids michigan. carter will be among the eulogieses. president obama and congressional leaders will meet again tomorrow to try and strike a deal on the nation's borrowing limit. susan shows us republicans and democrats still remain far apart and the clock is ticking. >> reporter:president obama and congressional leaders sat down together at the white house in a rare sunday night meeting. for about an hour and a half, they worked to strike a deal on how to reduce the nation's
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deficit. president obama pressed his plan that would cut around $4 trillion in spending, but republicans don't like it because he has tax increases. >> with 9.2% unemployment, it's a job killer. >> reporter:john boehner suggested cutting the debt package in half. whatever the size, the deal will have to end tax breaks for the special interest. >> at the end of the day, the prior city not to get a deficit reduction deal, it's to protect big corporations. >> reporter:the president has given congress ten days before the august 2nd deadline. administration officials say that's when the u.s. would begin to default on its loans if there is no deal. >> failure's not an option. how good is deal its going to be. >> reporter:the new head says she can't imagine the u.s. defaulting on its loans, but should they? >> nasty consequences. not just for the united states,
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but for the entire global economy because the u.s. is such a big player. >> reporter:with so much at stake, the president and congressional leaders will be back for more talks on monday. cbs, washington. another milestone for the space shuttle atlantis. tonight its docked and delivering supplies for the final time at the international space station. nasa is monitoring a piece of space junk that could come close to both orbit or its on tuesday. the shuttle crew can move the craft out of the way if necessary. let's check on the weather forecast. hi erykah. >> we've got a cooldown in store. we've got the waxing moon about 79% of full. certainly a lovely shot, now clouds are certainly building up off the coast, and that's all due to a low pressure system working its way into the forecast region.
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as we take a look at what what we can expect. five or 15 below average. marine layer that's building off the coast and will push deep inland as far as concord. drizzles possible for bay area for tomorrow. that is due to the low pressure system trending below average. now, for tonight a cool night. 49, 54 for oakland. free month expected 56 degrees and here is a good look at all those clouds, off the coast, moving into the forecast region there, we do have plenty of moisture at the upper levels. as that truest starts to dig on down, we're going to see all those clouds making their way into the forecast region. that's going to increase those chances of drizzle for the morning hours because that's going to squeeze on out as that colder air doesn't have enough, can't old the moisture it's going to release it by the morning hours. temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to mid-80s. inland fog possible.
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sunrise 5:56:00 a.m. as we take a look at highs. along with pittsburgh, with 83. temperatures definitely cooler than last weekend. cooler than average, 75 for santa rosa. you're expected highs 72 degrees. cooling trend will continue for the next couple of days and so we do have a chance of drizzle for tomorrow morning. really for the bay and for the coast. then by the end of the workweek we're going to see warm-up in store, and then saturday, just a bit warmer, maybe a bit seasonable. still below average. >> thank you. well employers concerned about productivity might take a look at how often their employer employees are disticketed by e-mail, texting and web sur offing. one employers ban on
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multitasking produced dramatic results. >> reporter:for architect, she was surprised. >> their backs were maybe six photoapart and they were communicating in text. >> reporter:all the texts and web surfing were sabotaging creative thing. >> the constant interruption which cuts were time into concentration, you make dumb mistakes. >> reporter:her book the shallows how the internet has damaged our ability to focus. >> there's an emerging concern in a lot of companies that people simply aren't getting the work done at a very high level of quality, because their being interrupted so much. >> reporter:if i'm reading an article and the phone rings and an e-mail, i may never get back to what i was doing. >> reporter:burke and partners decides to restrict the use.
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the rules, you can check e-mail each morning at lunch and once begin before you leave for the day. internet use is only for research. and no multitasking. at first her staff was pessimistic about the experiment. >> i thought it was crazy. >> i find myself unable to do the little recommended, not to check e-mail the first thing you do in the morning. >> i don't know i feel like you need to be connected. >> reporter:we wanted to see what would happen. we reason returned nine months later. they called it a success. >> i'm not shifting from one task to another. i'm able to put more thought into an individual task. >> reporter:even those initially skeptical had to admit it was working. >> i thought, how could we not e-mail? >> reporter:and now? >> i think it's possible. >> reporter:i do think if you can temper your kind of compulsive checking of messages and shifting of folk, you can
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unlike deeper sources of creativity and thinking. for burke it was all worth it when a employee recently walked into her office carrying some drawings. >> i would have e-mailed you before, but now, i'm coming and we're going to sit together and talk about my design. that that showed, you know, that we had really, wie on the way. >> reporter:lesson that sometimes less more. cbs news, new york. well, it's the end of the world for media mogul most profitable newspaper. the scandal that brought down the news of the world. ranging questions for the rest of the media empire. moon,"
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the year, earning a total $261 million so far. this week transformers took in $47 million, horrible bosses opened in second place with $28 million, zoo keeper, cars two and bad teacher rounded out the top five. the duke and duchesses are on their way home. after a world wind three will have day trip, earlier they greeted people in the neighborhood where they were staying. we sat down with inner city kids with the grittest neighborhoods for arts and craft. the couple's visit was rather tame compared to their visit to canada. it's a girl for soccer star david beck am. it's the fourth child and first daughter seen here at prince william's wedding in april. he attended a reception friday, but told prince william that
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his wife was too uncomfortable to attend. the couple's public cyst says their three sons excited to have a baby sister. they haven't announced a name yet. and more baby news actress kate hudson gave birth to a baby boy last night. it's her first child. hudson and bellamy got engaged in april. she has a seven-year-old son, chris robinson of the black close. and it's the end of the road for the 168-year-old british tabloid news of the cold world. final edition hit stands today and hundreds of people are now out of work. elizabeth palmer tells us controversy continues to grow, even as the publications pages disappear from the racks. >> reporter: rupert murdock arrived in london reading a copy of his now notorious paper. then smiled for the cameras as he headed out for dinner his
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british ceo. this is damage-control by a man who knows well how to manage his message. the phone hacking scandal has cost him one of his most profitable papers. yesterday evening staff leaving the news of the world for the last time put a brave face on the murdock decision to shut is it down. the news of the world was the best selling newspaper in britain. a cheeky blend of skin, scandals and got you journalism squarely aimed a british working people who enjoyed see l powerful taken down. but not families touched by grief. the news of the world is under police investigation for hacking into voice mails belonging to relatives of fallen soldiers, and murdered teenager. journalists also hacked into the phones of celebrities who found out and sued. it was james rupert murdock's son who authorized a reported
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million dollars out of court settlement to at least one of the hacking victims. this week, he admitted it was a mistake. >> i acted on the advice of executives and lawyers, within incomplete investigation and that's a matter of real regret personally. >> reporter: in fact it raises very dangerous questions for the murdock emissary which includes fox news, wall street journal, and the new york post. murdock biographer. >> he wrote the initial checks to the the people who were suing the company, and other questions that investigators are asking now. are they settlement checks or are they hush money checks? >> reporter: only a week ago, rupert murdock and his powerful family business looked unassailable, not anymore. elizabeth palm ere, cbs news, london. giants looking for momentum
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heading into the all-star break. drama on the pitch. world cup game, for the aging star in the u.s. women's next.
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their match short one player against the united states women's world cup team played almost half their match. short one player against brazil, bill start the clock please. extra time the best player in the world marta with a left footed goal. it's not sudden death, u.s. down to its final minute needed an equalizer, that sends the game to penalty kicks. ally wins it for america. the united states advances to the semifinals where they'll face france. cleanup tonight, took it to
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heart. 4-4. extended his hitting streak to 21 games. lead the west by three games now. a's and rangers score six inning. cahill makes his only make of the day, iowa drain gone. 2-0 fading fast. u.s. women's open, so it at three under par good enough for a one shot lead. weather prevented them for finishing the round. wrap it up tomorrow. swerves and hits juan fletcher. he is crashed and johnny somehow both riders were able to continue. thomas is the overall leader. al michaels announces stream coming up tonight. >> anything surprise you? >> yeah, that he got his relationship with jack lord from hawaii 5o, they were on the same set together. you will find out what happens.
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>> we have viewers that don't know it was made. see you at 11:00 on cbs5. beth!
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